Spotlight: Giving Thanks

    In this week’s episode, a group giving back and helping connect kids with sports even if they can’t afford the equipment, how Saint Louis University’s football team helped change the game as we know it, an organization providing fresh local greens to families during the holidays and year round, find out why Thanksgiving Day can be one of the busiest days for Emergency Rooms and Urgent Cares, the history of the iconic “Joy of Cooking” and it’s connection to St. Louis, a movement to be thankful for that is making kid’s rest a priority.

    Saint Louis Youth Sports Outreach
    This St. Louis non-profit is dedicated to making sure all kids have an opportunity to play sports.

    History Spotlight: First Forward Pass
    A look at how the 1906 Saint Louis University football team changed football as we know it.

    Operation Food Search: Hydroponic Gardens
    Operation Food Search (OFS) recently received two Flex Farms. The farms are fully self-contained hydroponic systems able to grow fresh and affordable produce.

    Thanksgiving Day troubles, mishaps and illnesses: the top reasons for Thanksgiving Day medical help
    Top reasons why people seek medical care on Thanksgiving Day and how Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care has a growing number of locations for urgent holiday needs.

    Joy of Cooking: A St. Louis Original
    Joy of Cooking has been called the “culinary bible.” Irma Rombauer of St. Louis had the average cook in mind when she wrote it, focusing on ease and prep time.

    Building Beds for a Better Future
    Sleep In Heavenly Peace is a national movement aimed at making sure each child has a bed to sleep in. Good rest is important for physical and mental growth.