Spotlight: GlobalSTL, Chess History & The Family Remains

    In this week’s episode, storyteller, actor, artist Bobby Norfolk; GlobalSTL brings together companies and healthcare providers to tackle workforce shortage solutions; the World Chess Hall of fame takes a deep dive into the 1972 Fischer and Spassky match; award-winning author Lisa Jewell talks about her new book; Webster Arts explores nature through their new exhibit; and an Emmy-nominated story about a STL TikTok sensation with Down Syndrome.

    Bobby Norfolk: Bringing Adventures to Life in the Classroom
    On this episode of the Classroom Matters podcast, host Kristy Houle chats with internationally-recognized teaching and recording artist, actor, TV host, and storyteller, Bobby Norfolk. Bobby’s innate ability to read and connect with audiences of all ages makes him one of America’s premier storytellers.

    GlobalSTL Summit Promotes Technologies to Support Solutions for the Healthcare Workforce Shortage
    Mercy shares insights about an innovation of its own. The healthcare system created an app to help solve its own nursing shortage.

    1972 Fischer/Spassky at the World Chess Hall of Fame
    1972 Fischer/Spassky: The Match, Its Origin, and Influence is on show at the World Chess Hall of Fame through April 30, 2023.

    Author Lisa Jewell: “The Family Remains”
    Lisa Jewell is a master of suspense. In her newest novel, the Lamb family secrets rise to the surface and characters are forced to face the past.

    Force of Nature at Webster Arts
    Webster Arts’ new exhibition features works exploring the many facets of nature and humanity’s relationships with it.

    The Baker Banter Effect: Meet the Newest Star on TikTok
    Meet the newest star on TikTok. Derek Baker has over 2.5 million viewers on TikTok. His sisters launched Baker Banter last year on World Down Syndrome Day.