Spotlight: Halloween 2022

    In this week’s episode, a ghostly STL tale about Pearl Curran who channelled a spirit through a ouija board and they authored several books together; Black cats, the superstitions and the science; an artist using recycled materials to make spooky pieces; Author Louisa Treger takes us inside the mind of Nellie Bly, a woman who faked insanity to advance her career; a creepy display of art in a haunted town; Halloween jokes, a STL tradition; and a jazzy number by John Pizzarelli.

    The story of Pearl Curran who channel spirit Patience Worth through a Ouija Board & they wrote books
    It’s a ghostly tale that happened right here in St. Louis. Pearl Curran channel a spirit with the help of a ouija board and they authored several books together. Was she really channeling a spirit? There were some believers but others thought it was all a hoax!

    Black Cats: The Superstitions and the Science
    October 27th is National Black Cat Day and October is Black Cat Awareness Month, providing positive publicity to promote black cat adoptions.

    The Artwork of Nikki Leeper
    Artist Nikki Leeper uses found objects to create spooky and not so spooky creations. She talks about her process and how she got her start on the movie Box Trolls.

    “Madwoman,” A Conversation with Louisa Treger
    “Madwoman” takes us inside the mind of Nellie Bly, America’s first female investigative reporter.

    Phantasmagoria V at Jacoby Arts Center
    Jacoby Arts Center’s Phantasmagoria V Exhibit features roughly 70 pieces by 26 local artists exploring the creepy and macabre in their work.

    Halloween Jokes? The Threat is Gone.
    We challenge a long-time St. Louis Thing – and it’s scary. Or not.

    John PIzzarellli
    Watch more from the concert here.