Spotlight: Halloween 2023

    In this special Halloween episode discover how a STL theater owner’s insult pushed Master illusionist Harry Houdini to take his stunts to the next level, a look at St. Louis’ lost cemeteries and body snatchers, a man building horror movie worthy body parts for medical training at Mizzou, an artist who uses found objects to create spooky and not so spooky creations, an oddities museum in one of the most haunted cities in America, and the story of a woman and a spirit who authored several books together.

    Houdini in St. Louis
    Harry Houdini was struggling to stand out in the overcrowded vaudeville scene until one night in St. Louis changed how he approached his act.

    Building Realistic Body Parts for Medical Training at the University of Missouri
    Damon Coyle creates task trainers at the University of Missouri. The lifelike models help students, doctors and nurses practice essential skills.

    History Spotlight: Lost Cemeteries & Body Snatchers
    Amanda Clark tells us about St. Louis’ lost cemeteries and how Dr. Joseph Nash McDowell became known as a body snatcher.

    The Artwork of Nikki Leeper
    Artist Nikki Leeper uses found objects to create spooky and not so spooky creations.

    The Soul Asylum: Alton’s Haunted Museum
    The Soul Asylum is an oddities museum in Alton providing interesting perspectives on medical quackery, spirit communication, and local haunted history.

    The story of Pearl Curran who channeled spirit Patience Worth through a Ouija Board & they wrote books
    It’s a ghostly tale that happened right here in St. Louis in 1912. Pearl Curran channeled spirit Patience Worth but not everyone believed in this tale.