Spotlight: Inclusive Cheer Squad, Shelley v. Kraemer and Supporting Artists

    In this week’s episode, a cheer squad whose purpose is to make all students feel valued and celebrated, a look at a landmark ruling that has had a lasting impact on American society and civil rights, architecture and the power of buildings explored through photography, a new invention created inside a Washington University lab that helps you write custom LED signs, inside enrichment classes hoping to add to the the homeschooling experience, a program designed to support creatives while strengthening the St. Louis arts economy.

    Sparkle Effect Team
    The Sparkle Effect is a program that creates high school cheer squads that include students with and without disabilities on the same team.

    History Spotlight: Shelley v Kraemer
    Shelley v Kraemer is a landmark civil rights case. Public Historian, Cicely Hunter, explains the details of the case and its connection to St. Louis.

    In Place of Context at The Gallery
    Ken Konchel’s main point of focus in his photography practice is architecture and the power of buildings using light, shape, line, pattern, and texture.

    Engineering new ink for ballpoint pens to write custom LEDs on any surface for high-tech adavantages
    Junyi Zhao in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington Un diversity in St. Louis demonstrates using a simple ballpoint pen to write custom LEDs.

    A Rise in Homeschooling & How Dayspring Arts & Education can help
    Post pandemic the rise in homeschooling is here to stay. We talk with homeschool families & the Dayspring Arts & Education staff to learn more.

    Kranzberg Artist Residency Program
    The Kranzberg Artist Residency program has been providing space, resources and opportunities for St. Louis-based talent to grow and show its work.