Spotlight: Invisibly, Saving Songbirds & Jazz Jams

    In this week’s episode, a new app hoping to give consumers a better way to access premium content; a once popular style of house named after a fish; a heartwarming novel about the power of books inspired by a true story; an artist exploring through creation and destruction; how one Missouri non-profit caters to songbirds across the state; and a fun night of learning, musicianship, fellowship, and jazz.

    Becoming a billionaire from problem-solving: Could Jim McKelvey’s Invisibly be his next big fix?
    “I’m driven with frustrations with problems I can’t solve or haven’t been solved,” said St. Louis billionaire Jim McKelvey.

    History Spotlight: Flounder House
    How the “flounder” style house got its unique name.

    Literature as Solace and Light: Madeline Martin’s “The Keeper of Hidden Books”
    “The Keeper of Hidden Books” by Madeline Martin is a riveting story of brave citizens of Warsaw who kept literature alive when the Nazis occupied Poland.

    Vaughn Davis Jr. at Laumeier Sculpture Park
    Laumeier Sculpture Park presents a new body of work by 2023 Kranzberg Exhibition Series Artist Vaughn Davis Jr.

    A Safe Place for Songbirds
    Wild Bird Rehabilitation is “the primary organization in the state of Missouri solely devoted to the care of songbirds” and integral to the conservation effort.

    The Kendrick Smith Weekly Jazz Jams
    The Kendrick Smith Jazz Jams are weekly, open jam sessions that occur at the Gallery Pub in South City. They are hosted by the Kendrick Smith Quartet.