Spotlight: Middle Ages, Changemaker and Wolves

    HEC Media’s Spotlight program airs every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 11, and showcases St. Louis’ finest contributions to art, education, and culture.

    In this week’s episode travel back in time to the Middle Ages with historian Dan Jones, meet a local student deemed a “Changemaker” by the United Nations, learn why wolves are some of the most misunderstood animals and what The Endangered Wolf Center is doing to change this perception, see what is currently on display at @thesheldon, learn the backstory on several murals seen around St. Louis, and enjoy St. Louis Blues by the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra Music Director Stéphane Denève.

    First Person One on One: Dan Jones
    Best selling author and historian Dan Jones’ tenth book, Powers and Thrones is now on sale. It is a comprehensive, character-driven history of the Middle Ages.

    Student Changemaker
    A Webster University student is using her experience as an immigrant to help Afghan refugees.

    Endangered Wolf Center Keeps Wolves Wild
    The Endangered Wolf Center preserves and protects Mexican gray wolves, American red wolves and other wild canid species.

    On Display at The Sheldon Art Galleries
    The Sheldon Galleries is currently showing a variety of new exhibits featuring works by artists who are not often shown in St. Louis.

    Memorable Murals with On the Wall Productions
    Robert Fishbone, owner of “On the Wall Productions” took us on a tour of their latest murals.

    Songs of America: St. Louis Blues
    Performed by the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra Music Director Stéphane Denève. Learn more about the Symphony at

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