Spotlight: MLK in STL, Neon Greens, and The DOPE Show

    In this week’s episode, a hobby born during the pandemic that grew from a small farm to a new restaurant; in November of 1960, more than 2,000 people gathered in St. Louis to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr speak; the stories of black Missourians who made tremendous achievements despite racial discrimination; an artist reruns to his hometown for a special exhibition of his work; a school with no required curriculum, no homework, no tests, & no grades; and a community development hub with the aim to change lives.

    Neon Greens: The Bright Future of Soilless Farming in St. Louis
    “Neon Greens” not only grows its own greens. It’s educating people on hydroponic farming. It’s part of a growing trend in the St. Louis region and beyond.

    History Spotlight: Martin Luther King, Jr in St. Louis
    In November of 1960, more than 2,000 people crowded into St. Louis’s United Hebrew Temple to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speak.

    Extraordinary Black Missourians
    In this edition of Schankman’s St. Louis, Paul interviews the authors of “Extraordinary Black Missourians,” published in St. Louis by Reedy Press.

    The DOPE Show STL
    DL Warfield returns to his hometown of St. Louis for a special exhibition at the gallery inside Sophie’s Artist Lounge.

    Sudbury School; Self Directed Education
    Saint Louis Sudbury School is based on the principle that we are born curious and learn best when we initiate our own learning.

    STL Made: Friendship, Faith and Futures
    Pastors Ken and Beverly Jenkins opened community development hub R&R Marketplace in Dellwood with the aim to change lives. For more stories like this one visit