Spotlight: Pickleball, Catching the Moment & Steve Berry

    In this week’s episode discover why Pickleball is considered the friendliest game in town; get a behind the scenes tour of the latest exhibit at the Saint Louis Art Museum, Catching the Moment; dive into the mystery behind the mystery of Steve Berry’s latest book, “The Omega Factor;” discover what is new at the St. Louis Zoo’s 2022 Dioroarus exhibit; meet two artists who will be on display at the 2022 Saint Louis Art Fair; learn how scientists from six St. Louis institutions are collaborating to research pollination in urban orchards.

    Pickleball: The Friendliest Game in Town
    You may have heard people talking about the Pickleball craze, but what’s it all about? Why do players enjoy it as much for the “social” aspects as the exercise?

    Catching the Moment at the Saint Louis Art Museum
    Catching the Moment is a new exhibit at SLAM celebrating the acquisition of over 800 pieces of art, vastly expanding the museum’s collection.

    Introducing Nick Lee: Historic Thriller Author Steve Berry Talks About His Newest Book & Protagonist
    Author Steve Berry introduces us to Nick Lee from “The Omega Factor,” tells us about the art mystery he found and who he credits for his success.

    Emerson Dinoroarus Returns to the Saint Louis Zoo
    Emerson Dinoroarus is back at the St. Louis Zoo through October 31, 2022. For more details and ticket information please visit

    Meet the Artist: Betsy Best
    Betsy Best uses relief printmaking to explore line, composition, pattern, and color. Her work incorporates an interesting mix of western and eastern printmaking techniques and traditions.

    Meet the Artist: Radim Schreiber
    Radim Schreiber is a photographer who uses cutting edge low light technology to capture the beauty of fireflies. His techniques allow for highly detailed up close shots and breathtaking landscapes.

    Meet more artists from the 2022 Saint Louis Art Fair at

    Hive Mind – Part One
    With the goal of helping community gardens produce more fresh food, scientists from six different St. Louis institutions are collaborating to research pollination in urban orchards.
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