Spotlight: Pink Ribbon Girls, George Bush, Missouri Medical Innovations

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    In this week’s episode hear from Missouri native and author Jean Becker about her ringside seat to George Herbert Walker Bush’s life post-presidency, discover an organization helping women with breast and gynecological cancers in Missouri and Illinois, learn about about medical innovations in Missouri that are helping people across the globe, go behind the scenes of St. Louis Sound at the Missouri History Museum, and meet a young artist with an old soul who designed a hat for the St. Louis Cardinals.

    The Man I Knew: The Amazing Story of George H.W. Bush’s Post-Presidency by Jean Becker
    What happens when almost overnight from being the most important and powerful person in the world to a private citizen? THE MAN I KNEW tells just such a story.

    Pilgrimage for Pink Ribbon Girls
    A St. Louis woman is walking The Camino to raise money for Pink Ribbon Girls, an organization that helps patients with breast and gynecological cancer.

    Oliver Lee Jackson at the Saint Louis Art Museum
    Simon Kelly and Hannah Klemm from the Saint Louis Art Museum discuss the Oliver Lee Jackson exhibit.

    Canadian Firm Plans to Make More 3D-Printed Medical Devices in St. Louis
    Open source designs for 3D printed medical devices is gaining momentum in St. Louis.

    Most Powerful MRI Scanner in Missouri for Researchers & Clinicians
    The 7T MRI packs more than twice the imaging power for seeing structures associated with neurological diseases and other conditions in greater detail.

    St. Louis Sound at the Missouri History Museum
    St. Louis Sound at the Missouri History Museum explores the diverse music that has helped to define the city of St. Louis for over a hundred years.

    Brock Seals: New Artist, Old Soul
    Brock Seals is a St. Louis musician and visual artist who combines his painting with rap to create his artwork.

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