Spotlight: Prom Magazine, Big League Impact & Ultimate Frisbee

    In this week’s episode, a look back at a magazine some believe was responsible for creating the St. Louis tradition of asking “where did you go to High School?, meet a leather artist who is bringing back a 1970’s craft, Cardinal pitcher Adam Wainwright is making a big impact off the field, a hub of creativity using its resources to provide art education for local kids, a photography exhibit helping older women breakdown stereotypes, and ultimate frisbee creating ultimate friendships.

    Back to the Prom
    The STL Central Library has opened an exhibit on Prom Magazine, which some believe created the St. Louis tradition of asking, “where did you go to High School?”

    Meet the Artist: Kristin McDonough
    Meet Kristin McDonough, a leatherworker whose handmade bags, wallets, and accessories incorporate traditional methods with unique deigns and colors.

    The Impact of Big League Impact
    Founded in 2013 by St Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, Big League Impact is a nonprofit organization that reflect the beliefs of family, friends.

    The Intersect Arts Center and its Focus on Education
    The Intersect Arts Center is a hub of creativity in South City and uses its resources to provide art education to the area’s youth.

    Wise Women, Resilient Lives
    Women from all walks of life are breaking stereotypes of older women, thanks to photographer Cathy Lander – Goldberg.

    Ultimate Frisbee / Ultimate Friendships
    Washington University has 4 Ultimate Frisbee teams. Their skill and experience vary, but all make it a priority to support each other on and off the field.