Spotlight: Rosati-Kain, The Mitford Sisters & Snowdrop Foundation

    In this week’s episode, the only all girls catholic school in the city of St. Louis and why it’s so important to our community, two standout women in STL leading innovative companies in bioscience, a historic Missouri hotel known for its architecture, the shocking tale of sisters who shook the world with the friendships they kept, and how one girls journey inspired an organization helping kids all over the country.

    Rosati-Kain: New Horizons
    Rosati-Kain High School is historic both inside and out. We take a look back and see what the future holds for St. Louis’ only all-girl catholic school.

    Trailblazing Women Creating Bioscience Startup Companies in St. Louis
    Women scientists in St. Louis bioscience are leading by example through the creation of startup companies.

    Hotel Frederick in Boonville
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    A Family’s Darkest Hour—Author Marie Benedict and her novel “The Mitford Affair”
    Author Marie Benedict’s new novel examines controversial decisions made by two aristocratic sisters during the tense years leading up to World War II.

    Snowdrop Foundation: Running for Chelsey
    Kevin Kline and his wife Trish discuss why they formed the Snowdrop Foundation and about their special bond with the kids they’ve help throughout the years.