Spotlight: Sculpting Superstar, History Spotlight & Women Journalist

    In this week’s episode, an acclaimed St. Louis sculptor who recently earned a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame; the debut of “History Spotlight,” a new weekly collaboration between HEC Media and the Missouri Historical Society exploring St. Louis’ rich history; a look at women in journalism and the paths they have paved; the new interactive experience at the St. Louis Arch connecting visitors with the past; a cosmetic laser treatment that may prevent common forms of skin cancer; and how the Regional Arts Commission is making arts more accessible to locals and tourists alike.

    Sculpting Superstar Gets a Star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame
    If you’ve admired the statues outside Busch Stadium, then you have seen the work of Harry Weber. Now, he has been given a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

    History Spotlight: 1911 St. Louis Cardinals
    A look at how the 1911 St. Louis Cardinals became heroes while traveling to Boston for a 4-game series when their train derailed, and they sprang into action.

    Undaunted: How Women Changed American Journalism
    Brooke Kroeger discusses her book which documents the women who have been making incredible contributions to journalism for 180 years despite daunting obstacles.

    The Gateway Arch’s New Virtual Reality Theater
    The new permanent installation at the Gateway Arch National Park uses VR to transport visitors back in time to the 1850s.

    A Cosmetic Laser Treatment May Help Prevent Skin Cancer
    A small study suggests a cosmetic laser treatment could significantly prevent the development of nonmelanoma skin cancer.

    Cultural Arts Campaign by the Regional Arts Commission
    The Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis launches their new cultural arts campaign: St. Louis Arts.