Spotlight: Shifting Arts & Arts Funding, Adapting Birds & PorchFest STL

    In this week’s episode, a look at how the arts and arts organizations are adapting as funding and the arts themselves continue to shift, a history lesson on a prominent judge that was named the first African American municipal judge for City Court #2 in 1965, a pediatric neurosurgeon and his book about his young patients and their stories of grace and resilience, the fall/winter exhibits that compliment the Pulitzer’s architecture and neighborhood, how some of the world’s smallest creatures thrive and adapt to extreme heat and cold, five regional artists exploring landscape at the Green Door Art Gallery, a music fest taking place on residential porches and a song from that event.

    Arts and Education Council
    The Arts and Education Council is a nonprofit dedicated to helping create a vibrant arts community. But time, and the organization, are changing.

    History Spotlight: Judge Nathan B. Young
    Judge Nathan B. Young, a prominent judge in St. Louis, was named the first African American municipal judge for City Court #2 in St. Louis in 1965.

    All That Moves Us with Dr. Jay Wellons, Pediatric Surgeon
    Dr. Jay Wellons finally realizes his dream of being a writer in his powerful memoir and shares the intense joys and sorrows of being a pediatric neurosurgeon.

    Fall Exhibitions at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation
    Fall is just around the corner and you know what that means… Art museum openings! The Pulitzer Arts Foundation just opened their fall/winter exhibition.

    Birds have more than one way of adapting to extreme temperatures
    “Birds are going to be changing their sizes, they’re going to be changing their shapes,” said Justin Baldwin, PhD candidate at Washington University.

    On the Horizon at Green Door Art Gallery
    Green Door Art Gallery’s new exhibit showcases five St. Louis regional artists exploring landscape in their works.

    PorchFest STL
    At an annual festival in Skinker DeBaliviere, homes are venues and residents are the audience. The free event is like a house tour and concert all in one.