Spotlight: Solar Eclipse, Satchel Paige and Baseball History

    In this week’s episode, the best place to watch and learn more about the solar eclipse; a program designed to help kids and their parents learn about black history, financial empowerment, leadership and more; a group hoping to pass their love of dance on to the next generation; see the Saint Louis Zoo in a whole new light, baseball great Satchel Paige and his connection to St. Louis, and the history of America’s favorite pastime.

    WashU Scientists Plan for Trip South of St. Louis to View the Total Solar Eclipse at Public Event
    Washington University faculty and scientists are hosting a free event for viewing the total solar eclipse of 2024, just a short drive away!

    Children Cultivating a Legacy for Future Generations
    The Legacy Institute shares knowledge and resources about fundamental subjects that are often not taught at regular schools.

    St. Charles Swing Dance Club
    The St. Charles Swing Dance Club hosts a class one Saturday per month for those who are interested in learning more and joining in on the fun!

    Animals Aglow at the Saint Louis Zoo
    Visitors to the Saint Louis Zoo can see the park in a whole new light Wednesday through Sunday evenings, now through May 5th, 2024.

    History Spotlight: Satchel Paige
    Satchel Paige’s long and storied history with the city of St. Louis.

    Early Baseball history with John Thorn
    The Official Baseball Historian, John Thorn, talks to HEC Media about the early game of baseball and its roots.