Spotlight: Super Superintendents, Sally Hepworth & Little Bit Foundation

    In this week’s episode, meet two local superintendents who have recently received top honors; a Missouri museum that showcases art and artifacts up to 15,000 years old, research being done at Washington University shows how changing the climate may change the landscape, an artist uses ceramics to examine therapy as a concept, a novel that investigates marriage around a murderous backdrop, a locally-owned book store with a unique spin, and a little bit goes a long way to help remove the barriers to learning with the help of one local group.

    Super Superintendents
    Two St. Louis Superintendents have been awarded recently! Dr. Sharonica Hardin-Bartley from U-City Schools & Dr. Curtis Cain from Rockwood School District! Find out why!

    Crisp Museum Tour
    Located on the River Campus of Southeast Missouri State University, The Crisp Museum displays art from talented, often local, artists on one side – and on the other, art – or artifacts, rather – estimated to be up to 15,000 years old!

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    Flooding and Erosion from Climate Change, Shifting Rivers and Changing Landscapes
    Scientists and students don’t need to go to a river during a major flood event for research. They can create the force of floods through a laboratory flume!

    Inside Out and All Throughout by Jessie Schoenrock at the Foundry Art Centre
    Inside Out and All Throughout is the Foundry Art Center’s new studio artist exhibit, featuring the ceramic works of Jessie Schoenrock.

    The Crime Writer in Pink: Sally Hepworth on US Book Tour for “The Soulmate”
    Australian domestic thriller author Sally Hepworth is on her US book tour for her latest New York Times bestseller, “The Soulmate.”

    Betty’s Books
    Betty’s Books is a family-friendly comic and graphic novel bookstore in Webster Groves, MO that gives local creators a place to sell and promote their work.

    A Little Bit of Coding
    The Little Bit Foundation was started to provide basic needs for students from low-income homes, but has evolved to include health, support and college readiness.