Spotlight: Teen Book Festival, Cortex & Stained Glass Art

    HEC Media’s Spotlight program airs every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 11, and showcases St. Louis’ finest contributions to art, education, and culture. In this week’s episode learn about the Teen Book Festival taking place April 8 – 18th; discover beautiful stained glass art created right here in St. Louis; meet the new leader of Cortex, Sam Fiorello; explore MADE art at Foundry Art Centre; hear a moving story about two congregations of different faiths sharing space; and enjoy Amazing Grace from the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Songs of America series.

    Teen Book Festival Featuring 40 of the Hottest Writers in YA Literature
    The St. Louis Teen Book Festival features 40 of the hottest writers in YA literature and 11 days of programming dedicated to teen readers.

    Stained Glass Art
    Stained glass art inspires prayer, thought and meditation. Meet a group of artisans who see their art as being inspired by a higher power.

    Attracting Talent and Creating Jobs: A Conversation with Sam Fiorello
    Sam Fiorello has his sights set on attracting, keeping and nurturing diverse talent in the region. Meet the new leader of Cortex in this in-depth interview.

    MADE at the Foundry
    MADE at the Foundry is the latest exhibit on show at the Foundry Art Centre, featuring a wide variety of creations from members of the MADE Makerspace.

    “A Moving Story;” A Schankman’s St. Louis Special Report
    A local church and synagogue have moved into the same building in U. CIty. And now, they have decided to try sharing a bit of each other’s worlds.

    Amazing Grace
    This performance was part of SLSO’s Songs of America. To learn more visit

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