Spotlight: The Great Escape, Self-Directed Education & Combating Human Trafficking

    In this week’s episode, efforts are underway to save a historic STL home, why it’s so special; inside a school offering self-directed education and how it benefits the students; art exploring themes of daily routine, structure and relationships; an app that allows summer travelers help authorities crack down on human trafficking; meet a printmaker who will be on display at the Laumeier Art Fair Mother’s Day weekend; and a book about an American dream becoming a nightmare.

    Saving The Eugene Field House
    The historic Eugene Field house in downtown St. Louis is closed after a water pipe break flooded the home on Christmas eve. Now they are trying to restore it.

    Sudbury School; Self Directed Education
    Saint Louis Sudbury School is based on the principle that we are born curious and learn best when we initiate our own learning.

    Mark Travers and Feed Your Head at Houska Gallery
    Houska Gallery is presenting two exhibits exploring abstraction in unique ways through May 19, 2023.

    AI for TraffickCam Mobile App Combats Human Trafficking Using Images of Hotel Rooms Travelers Upload
    Artificial intelligence developed for the TraffickCam app can help rescue victims of human trafficking.

    Meet the Artist: Pete Holohan – Printmaker
    Meet Pete Holohan, a woodcut printmaker who uses an antique printing press to create fun and approachable images. His work pulls from many different sources including the storied history of printmaking as well as folklore and local elements.

    “The Great Escape” – American Dream Becomes a Nightmare
    How a group of 500 Indian welders and pipefitters were brought to the United States under false pretenses and trapped in forced labor.