Spotlight: The Sweet Spot, Virus Detection and Baseball

    In this week’s episode, a heartwarming story about women in messy and sometimes hilarious situations, new technology being created at Washington University that could prevent the next pandemic, from outdoor paintings with beautiful colors to photos of unidentified people on display at the Sheldon Art Galleries, America’s favorite past time modified for people who are blind or have low sight, and a family tradition to kick off the Cardinal’s baseball season.

    “The Sweet Spot” with Amy Poeppel
    Part 1: Influences and Life Experience
    Author Amy Poeppel discusses the influences for her hilarious new novel, “The Sweet Spot,” and the advantages of not publishing a book until age 50.

    Part 2: The Not-So-Glamorous World of Writing
    Author Amy Poeppel talks about how she tries to find humor in all things in life – even when she scrapped the first version of her newest book “The Sweet Spot.”

    Diagnostic Rapid Test for Detecting Diseases is 1,000 Times More Sensitive than Current Rapid Tests
    New, quantitative infection detection tool developed at Washington University proves sensitive, fast, and cheap.

    The Sheldon’s Winter/Spring 2023 Art Exhibitions
    The Sheldon Galleries is currently showing new exhibitions featuring a wide variety of works by national and local artists.

    Batter’s Up: The Players of Beep Baseball
    Meet some of the players of the Gateway Archers, who play Beep Baseball, a sport designed for people who are blind or have low sight.

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    The Unique Hats of St. Louis’ Hat Man
    The Hat Man has made a variety of unique hats with different themes like St. Louis Blues, St. Louis Cardinals, Budweiser Clydesdales and MardiGras and others.

    Schankman’s St. Louis: Time to Gussy Up Gussie
    Local Sculptor Don Wiegand has restored the luster to his bronze bust of Gussie Busch at Busch Stadium, thanks to a little help from Gussie’s grandson.

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