Spotlight: Those Making the World a Better Place with Food

    This week on Spotlight we are highlighting those making the world a better place with food. (Click the titles below to watch the individual stories)

    Recipes for Respect: African American Meals and Meanings
    African American cooking is rich in traditions beyond today’s soul food. Enslaved and free black cooks earned respect as fine chefs and cookbook authors.

    PotBangerz and Mama Cat Uplift the St. Louis Community with Food and Love
    MaMa Cat, Founder of PotBangerz is making a difference one meal at a time, by cooking with love and then sharing that love with her “un-housed family.” To learn more visit

    Lifting Black-Owned Restaurants in St. Louis With a Website Launched by a St. Louis Activist
    St. Louis activist Ohun Ashe is providing the St. Louis community with an online black-owned business directory,

    Hope in the Baking
    Follow baker Daryl along on a day in the Bridge Bread Bakery, learn his remarkable story and how this bakery is restoring hope while baking delicious goods. To learn more visit

    Supermarket Sinatra
    Mark Richman bills himself as St. Louis’ Sinatra Singer. And his favorite venue to is Pete’s grocery store in University City, where he appears on holidays.

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