Spotlight: Veterans Day 2021

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    In this week’s Veterans Day episode hear from family members of fallen soldiers honored and remembered on Art Hill this past September, meet a World War II veteran who served in the U.S. Army’s all black 351st artillery unit, learn about the creative outlet MO Humanities has for veterans and their loved ones to share their experiences, discover how one veteran uses music to help other veterans, and enjoy America the Beautiful by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

    Flags of Valor: Art Hill
    Volunteers put up 7,600 flags on Art Hill, each with a photo and dog tag to commemorate the fallen US service members killed since 9/11.

    Hero: Adolphus Thaddeus Watson, WWII Veteran
    This is the inspirational story of a true American Hero, WWII soldier of the U.S. Army 351st Artillery Unit, Adolphus Thaddeus Watson.

    Proud to Be Offers Veterans and Their Loved Ones a Creative Outlet to Share Their Experiences
    Veterans dealing with traumatic experiences find value in putting their thoughts and experiences on paper and then sharing them with an audience.

    Songs 4 Soldiers annual music festival benefits veterans
    Songs 4 Soldiers helps combat veterans with expenses, jobs and more. Founder, Dustin Row, produces an annual fundraising concert.

    America the Beautiful
    This performance was part of SLSO’s Songs of America. To learn more visit

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