Spotlight: Walter Mosley, COVID-19 Nasal Vaccine & Art & Global Change

    HEC Media’s Spotlight program airs every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 11, and showcases St. Louis’ finest contributions to art, education, and culture. In this week’s episode enjoy a one-on-one conversation between suspense author Rachel Howzell Hall and Suspense writing legend Walter Mosley about his latest book from the Easy Rawlins detective series, hear about the progress being made on a nasal vaccine produced by St. Louis startup, discover the remarkable mission behind the Bridge Bread Bakery, explore the intersection between art and some of the world’s most pressing issues at Laumeier Sculpture Park, learn the story behind Modern American Dance Company 40th Anniversary dance, “Freedom.”

    Suspense writing legend Walter Mosley
    2021 St. Louis County Library Black History Celebration Frankie Freeman Inspirational Address with Walter Mosley and Rachel Howzell Hall.

    Phase One Clinical Trial is Underway for the COVID-19 Nasal Vaccine Produced by St. Louis Startup
    COVID-19 nasal vaccine produced by St. Louis-based Precision Virologics enters into a phase one human clinical trial in India.

    Hope in the Baking
    Follow baker Daryl along on a day in the Bridge Bread Bakery, learn his remarkable story and how this bakery is restoring hope while baking delicious goods.

    A New Leaf: Reimagining Henry Shaw’s Museum
    After more than a century of decline, Henry Shaw’s museum is once again the Missouri Botanical Garden’s gallery, thanks to a multi-million-dollar restoration.

    Art and Global Change at Laumeier Sculpture Park
    “The Future is Present: Art and Global Change” examines the intersection between art and some of the world’s most pressing issues.

    MADCO: Freedom
    Modern American Dance Company celebrates their landmark 40th Anniversary with a special commissioned dance concert, “Freedom.”

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