Spotlight: What Your Social Media Use Says About You, STL Browns American League Pennant Win & Hip Hop and Art

    In this week’s episode, a best-selling author’s novel gives St. Louis a starring role, how the St. Louis Browns shocked the baseball world by beating the New York Yankees in 1944, an STL fall tradition that’s been around for 30 years, a study reveals what your social media activities really say about you, a look at St. Louis architecture beyond the Arch, hip hop, art and fashion at the Saint Louis Art Museum, and a local hip hop, art and fashion artist.

    Viola Shipman’s “Famous in a Small Town”
    Viola Shipman’s “Famous in a Small Town” follows two very different women, generations apart, whose quirky friendship unexpectedly changes their lives.

    History Spotlight: The Shocking St. Louis Browns 1944 American League Pennant Win
    In 1944 the STL Browns overcame the infamous saying “first in shoes, first in booze, last in the American League” by winning the American League pennant.

    Best of Missouri Market Returns to the Missouri Botanical Garden
    The Missouri Botanical Garden’s annual Best of Missouri Market returns for its 31st anniversary!

    What your social media activities really say about you
    The new “Social Media Use Scale” has four categories for social media activities that provide insights about users’ behavior traits and personality.

    Look Up: Stories Behind St. Louis Architecture
    From a historical perspective, there is much more to St. Louis architecture than the Arch, from the native clay bricks and limestone used to create it.

    The Culture: Hip Hop and Contemporary Art in the 21st Century at the Saint Louis Art Museum
    The Culture is a dynamic new exhibit at the Saint Louis Art Museum exploring the impact hip hop culture has had on music, art, fashion, and society.

    Brock Seals: New Artist, Old Soul
    Brock Seals is a St. Louis musician and visual artist who combines his painting with rap to create his artwork.