Spotlight: Whiskey White Oak Barrels, Origins of the Gateway Arch & Extreme Summer Heat Explained

    In this week’s episode, a group preserving historic buildings gets a new home in one of St. Louis’ oldest places, the other ideas that were in the running against the Gateway Arch when it was originally built, a Washington University professor explains why we are experiencing such a hot summer and what it means for years to come, an author and educator shares positive habits for a healthy mindset in and out of the classroom, and great wines and whiskeys begin in Missouri forests.

    Landmarks Association of St. Louis New HQ
    Landmarks Association of St. Louis restored one of the oldest buildings in Soulard. Now it has a new purpose as the preservation advocacy group’s headquarters.

    History Spotlight: The Arch
    The Gateway Arch is the most recognized landmark of St. Louis but it could have looked much differently.

    It’s a Summer of Record-Breaking Heat With More Dangerously Hot Summers Ahead From Global Warming
    Scientists say this year is increasingly likely to become the hottest year on Earth.

    Hacking Teacher Happiness: The Five Habits of the Least Stressed and Most Empowered Teachers
    On this episode of the Classroom Matters podcast, host Kristy Houle talks with Grace Stevens about teacher burnout and how to create positive habits for a healthy mindset.

    Tree to Barrel: Great Wines and Whiskeys Begin in Missouri Forests
    Missouri white oak barrels are some of the most sought-after for whiskey and wine production, but experts warn Missouri forests can’t keep up with demand.