Spotlight: Your Face Belongs to Us, Florence Biennale & Katarra

    In this this week’s episode, the future of facial recognition technology and the scary implications of this new reality, a cutting edge housing project that partially instigated the rent strike of 1969, two St. Louis artists were given the opportunity of a lifetime to display in Italy, a look at what happens to utility poles after they are taken down, a hard-edge abstractionist takes inspiration from South Western landscapes, and a self-taught musician making waves in the STL music scene.

    Your Face Belongs to Us
    In “Your Face Belongs to Us,” New York Times tech reporter Kashmir Hill unmasks the evolving and sometimes frightening world of Facial Recognition technology.

    History Spotlight: Pruitt–Igoe
    The impact of the Pruitt–Igoe cutting-edge housing project on residents and the Rent Strike that ensued in 1969.

    St. Louis artist showcases at Florence Biennale
    It’s a dream come true for St. Louis contemporary artist Erin Belanger as she showcases her work at the prestigious Florence Biennale in Italy.

    Utility Pole Repurposing
    What happens to old utility poles when they are taken down or replaced? They used to go to landfills, but a new program has found a way to give them a new life.

    Jordan Scott Gaunce at Duane Reed Gallery
    Jordan Scott Gaunce is a hard-edge abstractionist whose mesmerizing paintings take inspiration from South Western landscapes.

    Katarra Parson
    Katarra Parson pushes past personal insecurities and the stigma associated with growing up in Wellston to pursue her love of writing and performing music.