Spring Exhibitions at Pulitzer Arts Foundation

    The Pulitzer Arts Foundation is currently showcasing two exhibitions: “Interwoven,” features art by Delcy Morelos and “On Earth,” a six-part video exhibition.

    “Interwoven” presents an immersive experience, exploring the intricate connections between identity, memory, and cultural heritage. Morelos, from Colombia, spent time in St. Louis before the opening to construct a site-specific sculpture made from local soil and fencing. In this exhibition, you will also view earlier works in Morelos’ career featuring paintings and sculptures.

    In parallel, “On Earth” offers a unique perspective on humanity’s relationship with the natural world through a series of six video installations. Each installment examines land as the core subject while exploring ideas of ritual, memory, territory, loss, and birth.

    Pulitzer Arts Foundation’s spring exhibitions run until August 4, 2024.