Spring Exhibitions at The Pulitzer Arts Foundation

    Spring is here and so are the new exhibitions at The Pulitzer Arts Foundation! There are two exhibitions opening up: Faye HeavySheild’s Confluences and The Nature of Things: Medieval Art and Ecology. HeavyShield was raised on the Blood Reserve in Southern Alberta. Her exhibition includes drawings, sculptures, and a variety of media installations that share traditional Kainai stories, language, and knowledge. Her newest work is site specific to the Confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers as well as Cahokia Mounds. The Nature of Things showcases artworks and studies in the medieval era. This exhibition highlights medieval people’s work with the natural world in moments of scarcity, abundance, and ecological change. Curator, Heather Alexis Smith focuses on the natural materials used in this era and the sustainability aspect. She also sourced as many items as she could locally from Missouri and the Midwest. Both exhibitions are now open until August 6, 2023.