St. Louis Tech Startup Shows Consumers How to Pay Off Debts When Spending Money

    Every time you swipe your bankcard at your favorite restaurant or store, what if money also left the account towards paying off your debt. St. Louis-based SpenDebt offers ‘guilt-free spending’ technology.

    “It’s not about what you make,” said Kiley Summers, SpenDebt Founder. “It’s about what you do with what you make.”

    Summers pointed out how people still swipe bankcards for necessities and nonessentials regardless of their debt. He explained how he and his wife know the struggles first-hand.

    “We paid off over $100,000 in consumer debt,” said Summers. “What we soon found out was that all our friends and family were struggling from the same thing.”

    Inspired to help others, Summers created SpenDebt. The company offers a technology platform that allows users to automatically make micro-payments to an assigned debt account each time they spend money from their bank account. The application allows users to manage their SpenDept accounts.

    “It allows you to spend and pay off your debt at the same time,” said Summers. “We like to say that SpenDebt is automatic, it’s painless, and it creates discipline. Most importantly, it allows you to improve your financial health.”

    More information about the St. Louis startup is on the company’s website,