Startup Tiger Biologics is Helping Drug Companies and Researchers Battle Many Diseases

    Biochemist Hungjie Guo, PhD, is always thinking about what she can do to make a difference in world of medicine. The St. Louis scientist is battling a range of diseases from the bench, through her expertise.
    “My specialty is membrane protein which is probably the most difficult protein to produce,” she said.
    Guo said membrane proteins account for up to 60% of drug targets for the treatment of various diseases. But membrane proteins are challenging for drug companies to produce.
    Having worked for a startup company supported by BioGenerator, the investment arm of BioSTL, Gou’s experience gave her ideas of her own. So, Guo became an entrepreneur in 2020 as the founder of Tiger Biologics.
    “We focus on the recombinant protein, or antibody production,” she said.
    Tiger Biologics produces high-quality proteins and antibodies for pharmaceutical companies and institutions, contributing to the production and development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.