Talking with Cotton Malone & Cassiopeia Vitt (aka Steve & Elizabeth Berry)

    Internationally bestselling author Steve Berry invites us into his new home in Orlando, Florida to explain the intense writing and research process he uses for his popular thriller novels. He also reveals the inspiration for his beloved heroes Cotton Malone and Cassiopeia Vitt. Plus, his wife Elizabeth joins the conversation to share how she changed the course of several Berry books, especially when it comes to Cotton Malone’s relationship with Cassiopeia Vitt. You’ll also hear about Berry’s 20th novel (the 16th Cotton Malone book) “The Kaiser’s Web,” which he penned in 2018, but has some eerily similar themes to today’s political world. It features a controversial election for the next Chancellor of Germany where extreme nationalism is taking hold. Malone and Vitt become entangled in tracking down the candidates’ backgrounds when a favor leads to some dangerous information dating back to the end of World War II, Adolf Hitler and his evil personal secretary Martin Bormann.

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