The Cardinal Way

    (Previously posted April 7, 2014)

    DISCLAIMER: I am severely biased when it comes to the below enumerated statements. I take full responsibility in the subjectivity of my words.

    So, what I’m saying is: if you are not a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and you completely disagree with the following declarations, sorry ‘bout ‘ya.

    Today is Opening Day in St. Louis, and despite the rainy, chilly weather, a sea of red is gathering in the streets, pubs and restaurants all across the city and its counties.

    This sea of red – Cardinal Nation – is the St. Louis Cardinal’s x-factor that makes them so good year in and year out.

    Sure, the Cardinals have always put together a great team that has repeatedly maintained a level of dominance and competitiveness. They seem to draft fairly well and do their best to hold onto the fan favorites and players that make them better.

    However – and I think most of you can agree – that what makes the St. Louis Cardinals great are the fans. Here’s why:

    1. A Cardinals fan is someone who really understands the game of baseball. We’re not arrogant or cocky about it; we just love the game and happen to be fans of the best team in history (again, I am not claiming objectivity).

    2. We’re super nice. Maybe that has to do with our Midwestern values, but I think overall it has to do with our old-school respect for the game – we have no tolerance for rudeness or inhospitality. We will even applaud the opposing team if they make a good play. Try as you might, you will not be able to find that anywhere else.

    3. Cardinal fans are loyal. We travel to opposing teams’ stadiums and cheerily invade with a sea of red. Not only are we willing to conquer trains, planes and automobiles in order to support on our team, if one of our old Cardinals players comes back playing for an opposing team, they get a standing ovation.

    4. Cardinal fans fill Busch stadium nightly. St. Louis actually boasts the second best attendance in all of baseball. This is pretty impressive if you take into account the size of St. Louis compared to larger cities such as Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.

    5. Being a Cardinal’s fan is a family thing. Being a fan is something that gets passed down from generation to generation – kind of like a priceless family heirloom. This is all started thanks to St. Louis’ one time status as the westernmost team in Major League Baseball and the powerful 50,000 watt station KMOX, which made fans out of many.

    6. For the last home game of the season, St. Louis does not bring in a singer to sing to National Anthem, the fans do. It brings a tear to my diehard-Cardinal’s-fan-for-life heart every time. Watch it here.

    So now, I think it’s time to say:

    Go Cards! We’re supporting you.

    Christina Chastain
    Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

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