“The Helpers: Profiles from the Front Lines of the Pandemic” by Kathy Gilsinan – Author Interview

    Writer and journalist for “The Atlantic” and “Politico”, Kathy Gilsinan, has penned a reminder of the first year or so of the COVID-19 pandemic as seen in the United States. Her book, “The Helpers: Profiles from the Front Lines of the Pandemic” tells that story via the accounts of six people that she feels went above and beyond the call of duty to try to aid their neighbors, the country and the world during an unprecedentedly difficult time in the nation’s history. She weaves together the stories of a CEO of a small ventilator manufacturer, a country crossing paramedic, a devoted son, a chef and culinary teacher, a vaccine researcher, and an ICU nurse that take place from early 2020 until the first inoculations were being distributed to the whole country and ready to be injected into arms. In this interview, she talks with Rod Milam about her process and in detail about two of her subjects.

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