The Mid-America Emmy nominations have been announced!

    ST. LOUIS, MO – HEC-TV wants to thank and congratulate the nominees and nominations for this year’s Mid America Emmy Awards. We are honored to be the home of education, arts and culture in the St. Louis metro area. Congratulations to:

    Arts/Entertainment – Program Feature Segment
    Diggin’ the Smash: The Life of a Radio Icon
    Kara Savio and Kerry Marks

    Arts/Entertainment – Program Feature Segment
    Liquid Roads – Music of the Mississippi
    Kathy Bratkowski and Peter Foggy

    Arts/Entertainment – Program/Special
    State of the Arts at the Wildey Theatre
    Kathy Bratkowski, Paul Schankman, Jayne Ballew, Jacqui Poor, Suzanne Vanderhoef, Brenda Kimberlin, Nancy Pasternak, Justin Brown, Barry Bruns, & Peter Foggy

    Arts/Entertainment – Program/Special
    Two on the Aisle: Reviews of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Winslow Boy, God of Carnage, et. al.
    Bob Wilcox, Gerry Kowarsky, Kerry Marks and Rick Rubbelke

    Business/Consumer – News Story/Program Feature
    Radio to Restaurants: Ron Stevens & Joy Grdnic
    Kathy Bratkowski and Colby Marshall

    Education/Schools – Program Feature Segment
    Boats of Opportunity
    Angie Weidinger and Jayne Ballew

    Education/Schools – Program Feature Segment
    The Soulard School
    Victoria Babu and Jacob Taylor

    Historical/Cultural – Program Feature Segment
    Living Like Kings: Hip Hop Chess
    Taunia Mason

    Historical/Cultural – Program Feature Segment
    An Honor Flight for WW2 Veteran Tom Mohan
    Jacqui Poor, Justin Brown and Steven Schulte

    Societal Concerns – News Single Story/Program Feature Segment
    Awaken Project
    Gina Kurre and Greg Kopp

    Human Interest – Program/Special
    Kids Rock Cancer
    Kelly Maue, Spencer Briggs, Barry Bruns and Peter Foggy

    Specialty Assignment – Program Special
    Innovations: Show Premiere
    Kathleen Berger , Chris Martinez, Nancy Pasternak, Jared Berezin, Greg Kopp, Kerry Marks and Colby Marshall

    Informational/Instructional/Program Special
    Explore! Flying
    Tim Gore, Jacqui Poor, Helen Headrick, Jayne Ballew, Kerry Marks, Peter Foggy

    Interview/Discussion – Program
    HEC-TV Live! Social Media and Current Events
    Tim Gore, Jacqui Poor, Kerry Marks, Helen Headrick, Jayne Ballew, Rick Rubbelke

    Interview/Discussion – Program
    Maryville Talks Books: One on One with Piper Kerman
    Brenda Kimberlin, Julie Winkle, Greg Kopp

    Public/Current/Community Affairs – Feature/Segment
    Neighborhood Nets
    Nancy Pasternak and Peter Foggy

    Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports) Live or Edited
    St. Louis Theater Circle Awards
    Jacqui Poor, Tim Gore, Gerry Kowarsky, Bob Wilcox, Kerry Marks, John Baker, Rick Rubbelke and Jayne Ballew

    Overall Excellence
    HEC-TV Executive Director, Dennis Riggs

    On-Camera Talent – Performer/Host
    Tim Gore

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