The Soul Asylum: Alton’s Haunted Museum

    Alton Illinois is home to many historic locations including Lincoln-Douglas Square, the Piasa Bird, and the Alton Military Prison Site, but it’s also believed to be home to many restless spirits. Often called “the most haunted small town in America,” Alton has many spots brimming with reported paranormal activity, none more so than the Mineral Springs Hotel. Inside this spooky building is The Soul Asylum, a museum filled with strange artifacts including historical oddities, torture devices, spirit boards, medical quackery, and much more. Visitors are not only treated to astonishing spectacles, but are also given historical and scientific context around these items to inspire reflection on humanity and themselves.
    The Soul Asylum is located in the historic Mineral Springs Hotel building at 301 E Broadway, Alton, IL. To learn more please visit and

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