The St. Louis Artists’ Guild Presents LGBTQIA+ Exhibits

    Throughout Pride Month the St. Louis Artists’ Guild is providing the community with three exhibitions celebrating and exploring LGBTQIA+ artwork.
    It was All Very Queer II is a returning national juried group show featuring works by contemporary queer artists exploring themes of identity, social norms, and inclusivity.
    A Frayed Knot is a collection of unique fiber sculptures by Douglas Dale. Their work appears to be made of wood at a distance, but reveals itself to actually be composed of yarn upon closer inspection, mirroring the way a person’s gender identity may not always match an observer’s initial perception.
    And along the entrance to the Guild is B(e)-Sides by Sean Hoisington. This photo exhibition reflects on feelings of personal upheaval while confined in a small town.
    All of these art exhibits will remain on show at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild through July 1, 2023. To learn more please visit