Ultimate Frisbee / Ultimate Friendships

    On any given evening, you’ll find dozens of college students tossing around Frisbees under the lights on Washington University’s south campus field. But they’re not playing any kids game. They’re playing Ultimate Frisbee.
    There are four teams on campus – two men’s and two women’s, reflecting differing skill levels. And team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, be it geographically, overall interests and majors, and even their experiences with ultimate Frisbee prior to joining the team, from never having touched a Frisbee to growing up tossing the plastic disc and playing the game.
    But beyond the competitive nature of the game, the biggest benefit –and surprise for many of the players– is what happens off the field. In addition to seeing each other during practice, the members of both teams seem to seek out one another during the rest of the week, and they all make it a priority to support one another on and off the field.