What to Watch in August

    A Conversation with Tom Ridgely

    Meet the man behind the curtain in our exclusive interview with Tom Ridgely – the new executive producer of Shakespeare Festival St. Louis. He tells us about his work in the theatre capital of the world and why he chose to move to St. Louis to serve the city and it’s Shakespearean productions. He also brings us backstage for a tour of the set of Romeo and Juliet.

    Tech Innovations

    New advancements continue to prosper around Missouri, and we have the stories on hecmedia.org. Two grade school students turned a SMART table into a holographic, touch- based math learning tool for kindergarteners, a well-known video card producer, NVIDIA, is developing Star Trek’s Holodeck to use virtual reality as a design tool, and the world’s largest solid 3-D printed item is being developed as a part of the forthcoming 777X jet at Boeing’s St. Louis Composite Center of Excellence.

    Happening Now

    We provide you with the latest events and grand openings in the St. Louis area. Go to hecmedia.org to see the behind the scenes of the iconic Gateway Arch National Park opening, Grand Center’s “WORK/PLAY” exhibit that focuses on colorism within the African-American community, the Saint Louis Zoo’s free Friday night summer concerts, and more!

    Things to do in St. Louis

    • 1. Mummies of the World The Exhibition. Read More
    • 2. Stories of Resistance at CAM. Read More
    • 3. 26th Annual St. Louis Jewish Film Festival. Read More
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