What to Watch in September

    Meet the Artists of the 2018 Saint Louis Art Fair

    Get to know the traveling artists that will be showcasing their work in the Saint Louis Art Fair Sept. 7-9, 2018. Meet the Artists is our collaboration with the Fair to provide viewers with an introduction to the artists and their work. Our producers have traveled around the country to art fairs and studios to interview more than 130 artists. From metalsmiths to glassblowers to painters, we want to tell you the story behind their art. Head to our go to stlfair.com or download the Saint Louis Art Fair app to check it out!

    Meet Me at the Fair: 25 Years, a Documentary

    You’ve met the artists at the 2018 Saint Louis Art Fair through Meet the Artists, now meet the Fair itself and the people who put it together. At 25 years, there’s many stories behind the scenes of the Saint Louis Art Fair – from the marathon effort of a small group of dedicated staff, the family created because of a first date at the Fair, the traditions, and the all-night set-up and tear down. We’ve captured them in a brand new documentary airing on hecmedia.org and on Sunday, Sept. 2 at 7 a.m. and Friday, Sept. 7 at 11:30 a.m. on KTVI Channel 2.


    This month we’ve gone in-depth with the directors behind the FAUSTival, a theatre festival based on the German myth of the character Faust. The FAUSTival was put together by five companies, who will each debut their own adaptations over the next five months. The story of an ambitious man who sells his soul to the devil is retold in various ways from a modern financial setting, to a rock musical adaptation, to a gender-flipped production with Faust as a female character. We also have the stories behind the latest exhibitions around the city. Get the inside scoop of the current events and openings in the St. Louis area on hecmedia.org.