What’s So Special About St. Louis? Everything.


    You know what really irritates me? The reports about St. Louis being the most dangerous city, the saddest city and a place where France even advises its citizens to stay away from (common’ France, surrender…it shouldn’t be hard for you).

    Although I am a recent St. Louis transplant, I have quickly fallen in love with the city and will just as quickly defend it.

    I feel completely comfortable in saying St. Louis is one of America’s best kept secrets, and this best kept secret is boasting with culture, entertainment, the friendliest people and the best attractions.

    St. Louis is a contradiction in the best way possible, combining the perks of small-town America with the excitement of the nation’s most thriving urban areas.

    The low gas prices, comparatively nonexistent traffic and reasonable living expenses contribute to its laidback and low-stress atmosphere.

    So whether you are a St. Louis native or a transplant like me, don’t take your St. Louis surroundings for granted.

    Here are some amazing places and things that often go unnoticed that make St. Louis the best city in the world to live in:

    The Arch

    This is a must-mention. It is a purely elegant and mathematical beauty that transplants you on top of the world.

    The smell of the brewery on a Fall or Spring morning

    The noticeably potent smell coming from the Anheuser-Busch brewery around this time of year infuses the St. Louis air with the sweet and bitter fragrances of hops, yeast and malted barley and wheat. The palpable aroma is so intense at times, that if you close your eyes, you can imagine you’re in the middle of a bakery.

    The many, many neighborhoods

    For a somewhat small city, St. Louis has an absurd number of neighborhoods and “hubs” that further contribute to the culture of the city as a whole. You can check out antiques on Cherokee Street, catch a game Downtown, visit the hip and trendy Maplewood that boasts small-town charm, go to the farmers market in Soulard, explore diverse ethnic cuisines on South Grand, dance all night in the Grove, and for all you hipsters at heart, visit the Loop.

    The Graffiti Wall

    The floodwall near downtown St. Louis hosts some of the greatest art that you cannot find in a museum.

    Venice Café

    The Venice Café is a truly unique and artistic experience in Soulard/Benton Park that you absolutely cannot pass up. The service is fantastic and the ambiance is truly breathtaking. Make sure to visit every floor and enjoy the outdoor seating; you will see something new every time.

    Strange Donuts

    Warmly referred to as the “Done Zone” by St. Louisans, this donut shop is the place to go if you are just craving that bacon, chicken and waffle or pizza donut. Don’t let that scare you off, though. They also have traditional donuts, but why not be a little strange from time to time?

    The Moolah Theater

    With a full bar complete with signature cocktails to go along with the movie, leather couches and breathtaking architecture, the Moolah Theater will provide you with one of the best movie experiences in the city.


    Just like the amount of neighborhoods, St. Louis is home to a vast number of parks, including my personal favorite, Castlewood State Park in Ballwin. The park is one of the best mountain biking and hiking places in the area, with trails that lead you overlooking the beautiful Meramec River.

    Have your own favorite places? Email me at christina@hectv.org and I’ll post them.

    Christina Chastain
    Marketing and Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

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