Who To Watch: Robyn Rosenberger

    Native St. Louisan Robyn Rosenberger started TinySuperheroes in 2013 while living in Seattle, and it’s been on an upward trajectory ever since. She and her family moved back to the area in 2014. She recent moved her business out of her home and to an office in Kirkwood.

    Tiny Superheroes is a superhero cape company with a mission to empower kids of all abilities to embrace differences as their superpowers. The organization started by focusing on children who were overcoming serious illness or disability but their capes are for all kids.

    “What I found is that what kids with special needs really want is to be included, and a lot of typical developing kids don’t have the opportunity to learn about kids with special needs until well after they start school – so we are using the TinySuperheroes squad that we’ve created to push that change and to teach kids to embrace what makes them special,” said Rosenberger.

    Rosenberger is part of the most recent Arch Grants cohort, and she’s using part of that money to launch a membership program that sends kids on a mission from a TinySuperhero who received their cape from the wish list and now has a mission centered around love, kindness or other virtues. Rosenberger says she hopes the missions will provide an “open door for conversations” between kids and their parents.

    Rosenberger and her company, TinySuperheroes will be profiled in the May episode of HEC-TV’s Impact. You can find more about TinySuperheroes and other people making an impact on St. Louis here at hectv.org.

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