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Winter Exhibit at Angad Arts Hotel features wide variety of mediums, including cardboard

Art Saint Louis, Winter Exhibition at Angad Arts Hotel. The show is comprised of four unique artists from the St. Louis region, including an array of mediums.

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Early Bone Maturity Sets a New Normal for Child Growth

Researchers at the University of Missouri proved that children are growing earlier, reaching their full height sooner than children two generations ago.


Proud to Be Offers Veterans and Their Loved Ones a Creative Outlet to Share Their Experiences

Veterans dealing with traumatic experiences find value in putting their thoughts and experiences on paper and then sharing them with an audience.

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Constructs of Meaning at Duane Reed Gallery

Constructs of Meaning a Duane Reed Gallery features six St. Louis artist working in a variety of mediums.


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GUITAR: The Instrument that Rocked the World

GUITAR: The Instrument that Rocked the World, currently on display at the Saint Louis Science Center, features over 70 stringed instruments on display.


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Obe Creates Smart Dog Bowl for Pet Wellness and Obesity Prevention

Obe, a St. Louis-based startup, created a smart dog bowl designed to help pets live longer, healthier lives.


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The Regional Arts Commission Is Positioning Itself To Remake The Arts And Cultural Scene In St. Louis

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) has big plans for St. Louis.

They recently released Arts &, a report on the state of arts & culture in our region that addressed concerns for the long-term vitality of the creative community here, as well as some ideas of how the arts can help us address significant issues in the community.

On Friday, they laid out more of how RAC will move that effort forward.

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