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Two On the Aisle: Reviews of Angels in America Part 1, Don't Bother Me I Can't Cope, others: Sept. 12, 2019

Angels in America Part 1, Don’t Bother Me I Can’t Cope, Shakespeare in Love, The 39 Steps, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, Tuck Everlasting, Karmatic

Science & Technology

Saint Louis University Hospital is First in Region to Offer Flexible Robotic Surgery System

Surgeons at Saint Louis University Hospital operate with a fully flexible robotic arm, controlling the instruments with a joystick-like device and foot pedal.


Karl Luthin: The Wrangler

Karl Luthin is a full-time veterinarian and a Hollywood wrangler who handles large breeds of animals in the film industry.

Science & Technology

New Imaging “Blinks” So You Don’t Miss Proteins Causing Alzheimers & Other Age-Related Diseases

Engineers developed a new imaging technique using temporary fluorescence, causing the amyloids to flash, or “blink.”


ArtsCommunityHappening Now

Constructing Park-Like at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation

Studio Land Arts’s constructs a new public space called Park-Like at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation.


ArtsHappening Now

Language, Culture & Citizenship in New Exhibits from CAM

Fall 2019 exhibits from the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis feature work from artists Stephanie Syjuco, Bethany Collins and Jonathas de Andrade.


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