A non-profit corporation, HEC-TV is the only station with the mission statement “to strengthen and promote the education, arts, and cultural communities in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.”

HEC-TV is St. Louis’ leading producer of education and arts television programming, using technology to connect and synergize in innovative, highly successful ways. HEC-TV provides an unparalleled level of service, changing the face of television by engaging viewers, empowering teachers, and encouraging students to achieve unparalleled success.

3221 McKelvey Rd., Suite 106 St. Louis, MO 63044
Phone 314.531.4455
Fax 314.531.0750
Charter Cable (In St. Louis City & County)

Channel 989 (with converter box) Channel 108.26 or 118.26 (for digital TVs)
AT&T U-Verse

Channel 99
On Air

Channel 2.2
Our Team
  • Jayne Ballew
    Director of Programming
  • Christina Chastain
    Marketing and Strategic Partnerships Manager
  • Tim Gore
    Director of Educational Initiatives
  • Amanda Honigfort
    Producer of Special Projects and Programs
  • Kristy Houle
    Educational Opportunities Coordinator
  • Boyd Pickup
    Director of Operations
  • Dennis Riggs

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    • 07:00 | French in Action
    • 07:30 | French in Action
    • 08:00 | A History of Black Achievement
    • 08:30 | African American Authors
    • 09:00 | Closer to Truth