Saint Louis Art Museum acquires ‘Charles I’ by Kehinde Wiley

The Saint Louis Art Museum recently purchased “Charles I,” a large-scale painting by Kehinde Wiley and one of the standout works from the recent exhibition of Wiley’s paintings at the museum. This painting is one of two works in the exhibition “Kehinde Wiley: Saint Louis” that Wiley based on a 1633 portrait of the English […]

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The Regional Arts Commission Is Positioning Itself To Remake The Arts And Cultural Scene In St. Louis

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) has big plans for St. Louis.

They recently released Arts &, a report on the state of arts & culture in our region that addressed concerns for the long-term vitality of the creative community here, as well as some ideas of how the arts can help us address significant issues in the community.

On Friday, they laid out more of how RAC will move that effort forward.

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Diversion Programs Highlighted, Praised at Recent #STLProsecutors Event

“Crime is a public health crisis,” Kim Gardener, Circuit Attorney for the city of St. Louis, said at a recent town hall hosted by FOCUS St. Louis and Forward Through Ferguson this January. “The source of crime is lack of opportunity and hopelessness.”

The event brought together the four prosecutors for our region. Gardner, Wesley Bell, the Prosecuting Attorney for St. Louis County, Tim Lohmar, Prosecuting Attorney for St. Charles County, and Jeff Jensen, the U.S. District Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri.


Growing, learning through play

Play-MO is a new organization whose primary objective is to promote child-directed play.


28 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month with these twenty-eight ideas, one for each day of February, that recognize the heritage, accomplishments, and culture of African Americans in the United States.


A&E ‘Keeps Art Happening’ with St. Louis Arts Awards

Monday evening was an evening of artful celebration in St. Louis through the Arts and Education Council’s (A&E) Arts Awards.


Shakespeare Festival St. Louis announces major, new changes in 2019

Under Tom Ridgely’s second year tenure as Executive Producer of Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, the Festival has announced exciting changes and productions for 2019.

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What is a ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ and when to see it

It’s the last total lunar eclipse until 2021. Don’t miss it!


27 Daily Habits Practiced by Successful People

Doing the same things day after day is fine, as long as your habits push you to be your most productive and healthy self.

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Books to read while you’re stuck inside during the winter storm

Take a look back at some of our favorite authors and their works while the snow and ice are keeping you inside!


Inspire your heart with art

Everyone seems to love something about the arts. Whether it’s dabbling with clay, singing in a choir, or listening to a free park concert, there is something for the creative soul that resides in all of us. But did you know that the arts, in all their varied forms, have some serious brain benefits as well?


Kennedy Holmes, The Voice finalist, to perform at St. Louis Arts Awards

Kennedy Holmes, finalist of season 15 on NBC’s The Voice, has been added to the entertainment line-up at the Arts and Education Council’s St. Louis Arts Awards Jan. 21.


Kranzberg Arts Foundation Developing New Literary Arts Venue in Grand Center

The High Low will combine a literary center, library, gallery, and collaborative work space with a community café on Washington Avenue.


Saint Louis Art Museum makes $2.75 million Caspar David Friedrich purchase

The Saint Louis Art Museum recently acquired “Sunburst in the Riesengebirge,” a landscape painting by the German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich. The museum purchased the painting Dec. 12 at auction at Sotheby’s in London for a total price of $2.75 million


Shop Small, Shop Local: A St.Louis Gift Guide

Consider shopping local for your holiday gifts.

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Rapid Detection of Infections with Bacterioscan for UTIs & More Underway

Bacterioscan is FDA approved for urinary tract infections. The St. Louis-based company also has plans to provide rapid detection of other infections.


Don’t let the holidays put a break to learning

The holidays can be a trying time for parents and teachers. Let Educate.Today keep the kids entertained and educated!


Looking Back on a Successful 2018

Thanks For A Wonderful 2018 – It’s Going To Be Quite a 2019!

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Introducing a new platform: podcasts

Life is busy and it seems everyone is constantly on the go. That’s why HEC is making it easier for you to enjoy our content in a way that works for you.

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Holiday Events and Celebrations in St. Louis

By Christina Chastain The holiday season is here and there are so many ways to get into the spirit in St. Louis. Sure, you may want to pick out the perfect tree or sip hot cocoa by the fire, but below are other events just begging to become an annual holiday tradition. Whether you celebrate […]


Building on the Foundation of The Rep – Steven Woolf to Hana Sharif

Sharif, a fiercely independent and passionate playwright, director, and producer, is currently the associate artistic director at Baltimore Center Stage. She will take over The Rep from Steven Woolf, who has held the position for more than 30 years.

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The Hype Around Hyperloop: The Show-Me State Isn’t the Only One in the Running for Virgin Hyperloop One

High-speed travel through a tube-travel system from St. Louis to Kansas City in 28 minutes is not only possible, a new study says it’s also safe and sustainable. But other locations are in the race.


Fifteen area schools awarded grants for arts education projects

The Arts and Education Council (A&E) and Maritz have awarded 15 area schools with grants to support classroom-based art projects during the 2018-19 academic year.


World Mental Health Day: Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your Mood

By Jerome Sarris and Joe Firth When someone is diagnosed with a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety, first line treatments usually include psychological therapies and medication. What’s not always discussed are the changeable lifestyle factors that influence our mental health. Even those who don’t have a mental health condition may still be looking for […]


Make a Difference Programing on HEC

Bringing Free Libraries to the Community: St. Louis Promise Zone The St. Louis Promise Zone has partnered with the St. Louis County Library to provide 50 community library boxes all around the Promise Zone in north St. Louis County. Their aim is to increase literacy and readership and strengthen education outcomes in high poverty communities. […]


Volunteer Opportunities for Make a Difference Day

Have you ever been at line at Starbucks and have the person in front of you pay for your order? It starts a chain-effect, called paying it forward, that will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Or has someone sincerely complimented you or helped you out in a situation […]


What to do in St. Louis in October

Frida Libre Inspired by the childhood of legendary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Frida Libre is the uplifting story of young Frida who plans to become a doctor and her new friend Alex who secretly wishes to be a wrestler. When:  Touring schools Sep. 25 – Nov. 2 Where:  Locations vary $$  Free Website: Memory […]


HEC Wins 3 Emmy Awards

Congratulations to all Emmy winners! HEC couldn’t carry out its mission to “strengthen the education, art, and cultural communities in the metropolitan area” without you and all our supporters! These wins are for you, St. Louis! Interview/Discussion -Program A Jellyfish Journey with Juli Berwald Angie Weidinger, Greg Kopp, Julie Winkle, Christina Chastain Public/Current/Community Affairs – […]


The Art of Waiting

By: Sean Smothers, President of Cultural Festivals There’s a clock on top of a tall, four-drawer file cabinet in the office. It’s not your standard-issue timepiece. It has its similarities: there are numbers and it does work on a time-based rhythm. But, it’s different in that it doesn’t tell time in the traditional sense. It’s […]


The Arts Scene in St. Louis

By: Celine Reinoso Twenty-five years ago, Ben and Susan Uchitelle realized their passion for arts, culture, and creativity in St. Louis when they founded the Saint Louis Art Fair. What used to be only a few tents across a couple of streets in downtown Clayton is now one of the best art fairs in the […]


Who to Watch in September: Cbabi Bayoc

Driving around city, you’ve probably seen work by local artist Cbabi Bayoc, who wants his paintings to bring hope and color to the streets of St. Louis. Cbabi Bayoc is a self-created name that is an acronym for “Creative Black Artist Battling Ignorance” and “Blesses African Youth Of Creativity.” His work is proudly shown around […]


What to Watch in September

Meet the Artists of the 2018 Saint Louis Art Fair Get to know the traveling artists that will be showcasing their work in the Saint Louis Art Fair Sept. 7-9, 2018. Meet the Artists is our collaboration with the Fair to provide viewers with an introduction to the artists and their work. Our producers have […]


Constitution Day on Educate.Today

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit around a table with people like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and James Madison as they drafted the Constitution of the United States? What an exciting time in history that must have been, and what an influential group of men they were. Although James Madison […]

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HEC Media Nominated for 17 Emmys, including Overall Excellence

Congratulations to all those nominated! HEC couldn’t carry out its mission to “strengthen the education, art, and cultural communities in the metropolitan area” without you and all our supporters! These nominations are for you, St. Louis! Arts/Entertainment- Program Feature Segment 15 Year-Old Short Film Director Kara Vaninger Brock Seals: New Artist, Old Soul Suzanne Vanderhoef, […]


High School or College? The World of Dual Enrollement

By: Linda Chuvala, Educate.Today Team Member High school has traditionally been the place to prepare for college, but for some of today’s students, high school has become a replacement for college, due to the increasing presence of dual enrollment programs. Dual enrollment, which allows students to enroll in college courses and receive credit while in […]


We’ve Been Going Through Changes

By: Amanda Honigfort, Special Projects and Programs Producer You will notice HEC looks a bit different recently. We are working extremely hard here at HEC to make some major, important changes. It’s all part of our dedication to serving you and strenghening our arts, education and cultural communities thoughout the metropolitan region. We want to take […]

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Behind the Scenes of the Gateway Arch National Park Renovations

When the Gateway Arch National Park showed off its impressive new look on July 3, HEC was there. In a series of behind-the-scenes segments on, we looked at the new museum and Arch Grounds as well as the the National Park Service’s plans for the park. That day was a long time coming. The […]


Arts and Education Council announces fall 2018 Katherine Dunham Fellow

The Arts and Education Council (A&E) has named Southern Illinois University Edwardsville student Allena Brazier the fall 2018 Katherine Dunham Fellowship recipient. The fall 2018 fellowship is made possible by a generous gift from Carol Corey and William Holcomb. The program, created and initially funded by Sara and Jack Burke and managed by A&E, promotes diversity in arts leadership […]


What to Watch in August

A Conversation with Tom Ridgely Meet the man behind the curtain in our exclusive interview with Tom Ridgely – the new executive producer of Shakespeare Festival St. Louis. He tells us about his work in the theatre capital of the world and why he chose to move to St. Louis to serve the city and […]


Who to Watch: Reuben Reuel

A few years ago, Reuben Reuel walked into a fabric store hardly expecting it to change the course of his career. “I saw stacks of Ankara African print fabric, fell in love with it and asked myself ‘Why is no one using this fabric in a more modern way?’” said Reuel. Now, the fabric is […]

Things to do in St. Louis

  • 1. GUITAR: The Instrument that Rocked the World. Read More
  • 2. The Riot Show at Kranzberg Arts Center. Read More
  • 3. Art Saint Louis Winter Exhibition at Angad Arts Hotel. Read More
  • 4. Oraien Catledge & Jay Stock. Read More
  • 5. Carmon Colangelo: Infinite Abstraction. Read More
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