Talking with Authors: Nick Offerman “Good Clean Fun”

We discuss all things Parks and Rec, Ron Swanson, woodworking, and much more with Nick Offerman, in this episode of Talking with Authors. Download wherever you get your podcasts.


10 podcasts we’re listening to right now

Whether you’re in the car, cleaning the house, or on a run, podcasts can make the time pass, while you’re being entertained and enlightened. Here are our favorite podcasts we’re listening to right now.

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History In Focus at The Missouri History Museum’s New Two-Part Exhibit

By Amanda Honigfort On Saturday, August 3rd, the Missouri History Museum will open a new, two-part exhibit that blends national, international and local history. Pulitzer Prize Photographs, a traveling exhibit from the closing Newseum in Washington D.C features the Pulitzer Prize winning photographs from the last several decades presented in context and displayed alongside In […]

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Father of Modern Plastic’s Great-Grandson Explores His Cultural Impact

The feature-length documentary, “All Things Bakelite: The Age of Plastic”, premiers Sat. August 3 at 7 pm on HEC and gives a unique insight into plastic products of convenience as it celebrates the Father of Modern Plastic – chemist Leo H. Baekeland – and his work.


Talking with Authors: Sarah Kendzior “The View from Flyover Country”

St. Louis based journalist and authors of “The View From Flyover Country”, Sarah Kendzior, is often credited with being the first to predict Donald Trump’s presidential victory.


Talking with Authors: Charles Fishman “One Giant Leap: The Impossible Mission That Flew Us to the Moon

Today, our author is journalist and New York Times best selling writer Charles Fishman. We spoke with him as part of a book tour for his latest work “One Giant Leap: The Impossible Mission that Flew Us to the Moon” in July of 2019…50 years to the month after the first historic words transmitted from the surface of the moon were heard, “Houston…Tranquility Base here…the Eagle has landed.”


Talking with Authors: Brad Meltzer “The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington”

New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer LOVES a good adventure. And, that’s all his most recent book was until he ran across some key information while doing research.


Nature Playscape Coming to Forest Park in 2020

An experiential new Nature Playscape is being created on 17 acres in the heart of Forest Park, between the World’s Fair Pavilion and the Jewel Box.

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City County Equity Reform: Political Representation, Criminal Justice

Criminal justice and political representation discussed in FOCUS St. Louis panel event at the Missouri History Museum.


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Talking with Authors: Alexis Clark “Enemies in Love: A German POW, a Black Nurse, and an Unlikely Romance”

Author Alexis Clark talks about her new book, Enemies in Love; the true story of a black nurse and a German P.O.W. who fell in love during World War Two.


Talking with Authors: Jenna Fischer “The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide”

St. Louis native Jenna Fischer reveals the “nitty gritty” of making it in Hollywood; it took her 8 years in LA to land the role of Pam Beesley on “The Office.”


Intern with HEC Media!

HEC Media (formerly The Higher Education Channel & HEC-TV) is in search of eager, hard-working interns that want to expand and apply their skills and talents to support HEC’s work in production, education, motion graphics, marketing, animation, community engagement, fundraising and development, and/or educational broadcasting. All internships require a minimum of a 10 hour/week semester-long commitment. The internship will be tailored to the interests of the student, but interns will support the HEC Staff in all aspects of station management from videography, editing, writing, promotion, and station operations. To apply, please e-mail a resume and cover letter indicating your skills and interest to Amanda Honigfort at


Summer is the Time to Volunteer

It’s that time of the year again. The Missouri temperature warms your winter skin and the cool, blue water of the swimming pool calls your name.  Hot dogs and hamburgers are on the grill and the kids are playing in the backyard. And then…the second week of summer begins. The humid temperature skyrockets (as does […]


2020 St. Louis Arts Awards honorees announced

The Arts and Education Council has announced seven honorees for the 2020 St. Louis Arts Awards.


Summer in St. Louis

It’s summertime in St. Louis — that means performances and art exhibits are at every corner for your enjoyment! Check them out!


Arts & Effort Continues As RAC Looks To Unite The Arts Community

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) is continuing to move forward on their grand vision of harmonizing, strengthening and purposefully directing the work and resources of the arts community.

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Climb High With The Monkeys At The Saint Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo has debuted its plans for the creation of Primate Canopy Trails, an $11.5 million, 35,000-square-foot outdoor expansion of the Primate House.


New Fashion Manufacturing Center Expected To Be A “Game-Changer” For Fashion In St. Louis

“John and I moved here primarily because we don’t want to have just these 90 machines, we want to have 500 machines, 1000 machines, not just create 50 jobs, but 500 jobs that are sustainable and well paying – that you can raise a family on,” said Lewis.


Systemic changes in racial bias addressed at Missouri History Museum through short film ‘Other People’

Aisha Sultan’s short film, “Other People”, was screened at the Missouri History Museum Thursday evening, and was followed by a panel discussion, in association with the St. Louis Press Club.

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Remembering McDonnell Aircraft, NASA Pioneer Robert “Bob” Schepp

Bob Schepp helped make history as part of the Checkout Trailer crew for America’s first manned space flight on May 5, 1961.


36 hours in St. Louis revisited

The New York Times had some great recommendations on what to do and where to visit if you’re only in town for 36 hours. We wanted to give you some visual elements to the story, so you can have a look for yourself.

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Period Poverty Prevalent In St. Louis, Study Finds

On International Women’s Day, over 100 women, and a few men gathered at the YWCA to learn about the impact period poverty has on families, society and low-income women trying to climb out of economic strife. The event was hosted by the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis.

“Our mission is focused on economic independence to women and girls, and having access to period supplies effects girl’s attendance at school, it affects women going to work, if women are making choices about buying period supplies or buying food for their families, that’s a key to economic security and we wanted to shine a light on that,” said Lisa Picker, the executive director of the Women’s Foundation who hosted the event.


Take a walk in one of St. Louis’ gorgeous parks for National Take a Walk in the Park Day

National Take a Walk in the Park day is March 30. Here are some of the best places around St. Louis to go take a walk.


HEC Media winner of 2019 NEA Friend of Education Award

HEC wins the highest honor from the National Education Association, the Horace Mann “Friend of Education” award.


Learn a little about Pi Day

March 14 is a day for “schools and educators to observe the day with appropriate activities that teach students about pi and engage them about the study of mathematics.”


Art, Flowers, Community Energize “Art in Bloom” at Saint Louis Art Museum

“Art in Bloom” once again returns to the Saint Louis Art Museum this weekend.


Saint Louis Art Museum acquires ‘Charles I’ by Kehinde Wiley

The Saint Louis Art Museum recently purchased “Charles I,” a large-scale painting by Kehinde Wiley and one of the standout works from the recent exhibition of Wiley’s paintings at the museum. This painting is one of two works in the exhibition “Kehinde Wiley: Saint Louis” that Wiley based on a 1633 portrait of the English […]

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The Regional Arts Commission Is Positioning Itself To Remake The Arts And Cultural Scene In St. Louis

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) has big plans for St. Louis.

They recently released Arts &, a report on the state of arts & culture in our region that addressed concerns for the long-term vitality of the creative community here, as well as some ideas of how the arts can help us address significant issues in the community.

On Friday, they laid out more of how RAC will move that effort forward.

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Diversion Programs Highlighted, Praised at Recent #STLProsecutors Event

“Crime is a public health crisis,” Kim Gardener, Circuit Attorney for the city of St. Louis, said at a recent town hall hosted by FOCUS St. Louis and Forward Through Ferguson this January. “The source of crime is lack of opportunity and hopelessness.”

The event brought together the four prosecutors for our region. Gardner, Wesley Bell, the Prosecuting Attorney for St. Louis County, Tim Lohmar, Prosecuting Attorney for St. Charles County, and Jeff Jensen, the U.S. District Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri.


Growing, Learning, Through Play

Play-MO is a new organization whose primary objective is to promote child-directed play.


28 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month with these twenty-eight ideas, one for each day of February, that recognize the heritage, accomplishments, and culture of African Americans in the United States.


A&E ‘Keeps Art Happening’ with St. Louis Arts Awards

Monday evening was an evening of artful celebration in St. Louis through the Arts and Education Council’s (A&E) Arts Awards.


Shakespeare Festival St. Louis announces major, new changes in 2019

Under Tom Ridgely’s second year tenure as Executive Producer of Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, the Festival has announced exciting changes and productions for 2019.

Science & Technology

What is a ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ and when to see it

It’s the last total lunar eclipse until 2021. Don’t miss it!


27 Daily Habits Practiced by Successful People

Doing the same things day after day is fine, as long as your habits push you to be your most productive and healthy self.


Books to read while you’re stuck inside during the winter storm

Take a look back at some of our favorite authors and their works while the snow and ice are keeping you inside!


Inspire your heart with art

Everyone seems to love something about the arts. Whether it’s dabbling with clay, singing in a choir, or listening to a free park concert, there is something for the creative soul that resides in all of us. But did you know that the arts, in all their varied forms, have some serious brain benefits as well?


Kennedy Holmes, The Voice finalist, to perform at St. Louis Arts Awards

Kennedy Holmes, finalist of season 15 on NBC’s The Voice, has been added to the entertainment line-up at the Arts and Education Council’s St. Louis Arts Awards Jan. 21.


Kranzberg Arts Foundation Developing New Literary Arts Venue in Grand Center

The High Low will combine a literary center, library, gallery, and collaborative work space with a community café on Washington Avenue.

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