A Picnic, A Party, The Park—And Movies

    Yep, there’s still ONE left, a drive in movie theater…a summertime tradition in this episode of It’s A St. Louis Thing with Aaron Mermelstein. The Sky View Drive-in of Belleville, Illinois is a party, a picnic, camping trip and a family night at the movies all in one. The smell of popcorn, nachos, and hot dogs from the concession stand brings back summer memories when there were many drive-in theaters all around the St. Louis metro. Now the Sky View is the only one left. The cars start arriving as the sun goes down and the tailgaters start enjoying their picnics as they wait for darkness and the first movie of the double feature to begin. For this last of the drive ins and its loyal fans the Sky View is not only a night at the movies, it’s an official summer tradition.

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