Circus Flora Breaks in its New Location with The Case of the Missing Bellhop

    In its 32nd season, Circus Flora delights audiences with laughs, death-defying acts, and good old fashioned fun wrapped around the original story of “The Case of the Missing Bellhop.” Eccentric guests of all kind arrive at the world-famous Balding Hotel just in time for a sinister plot to unfold where a mysterious figure abducts the staff one by one, replacing them with not so hospitable robots. The patrons include the Flying Walandas, Cousin Grumpy and his trained pigs, the St. Louis Arches, and many more. As luck would have it, the guest list also includes the famous Detective Gordon who eagerly takes up the case once the Bellhop goes missing. “The Case of the Missing Bellhop” will run through May 13, 2018.

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