Spotlight: 2021 St. Louis Art Fair & Flags for Heroes

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    In this week’s episode learn the meaning behind the flags on display on art hill September 4th-12th and then go behind the scenes of the 2021 St. Louis Art Fair taking place September 10th – 12th in downtown Clayton. Discover what’s new to the fair this year, learn about their Emerging Artists as Entrepreneurs Program, as well as Meet the Artists: Allison Norfleet Bruenger, Kreg Yingst & Michael Merriman.

    Flags for Heroes
    Hundreds of volunteers are meticulously putting together 7,600 flags which will be displayed on St. Louis’ Art Hill on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

    The Saint Louis Art Fair: Taking Back to the Streets
    After having to go all virtual in 2020, the 2021 Saint Louis Art fair returns to the streets of Clayton. But because of the ongoing pandemic, there are changes to the normal set up as we learn in this interview with the fair’s Executive Director.

    Meet the Artist: Allison Norfleet Bruenger
    Allison L. Norfleet Bruenger is a mixed media jewelry artist who incorporates many different materials into each of her one of a kind wearable pieces of artwork.
    Please visit to learn more.

    Meet the Artist: Kreg Yingst
    Meet Kreg Yingst, a wood block printer whose work is based on stories found in books, songs, and real life. Please visit for more information.

    The Saint Louis Art Fair’s Emerging Artists as Entrepreneurs Program
    The Saint Louis Art Fair’s Emerging Artists as Entrepreneurs Program helps artists learn what they’ll need to know to be successful art fair artists.

    Meet the Artist: Michael Merriman
    Michael Merriman and his handcrafted knives both have fascinating stories. The 2021 St. Louis Art Fair artist shares the origin of his beautiful art you can use.

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