Wine, Cheese and Good Reads: One on One with Jamie Brenner

    Jamie Brenner’s latest novel, “Blush,” will have you reaching for your favorite glass of wine while turning its tantalizing pages. And, so will this interview in which she talks about how she came about with the idea to write the beach read; a story about strong women, wine pairings and the scandalous books of the eighties (i.e. Judith Krantz’s “Scruples” and Jackie Collins’ “Lucky”). Brenner’s research for “Blush” goes back to her childhood when she would sneak read “trashy” novels. More recently, she visited wineries and cheese shops to learn all about the importance of things like “terroir.” In this conversation, she touches on those topics plus makes a few wine and cheese pairing suggestions and shows us the mood boards she puts together when writing each of her novels.

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