Younger Wives, Lockdown Writing, Marriage & Murder: An Entertaining Chat with Sally Hepworth

    New York Times bestselling author Sally Hepworth is no stranger to captivating an audience; she does it regularly with her page-turning thrillers that typically focus on dysfunctional families and crime (someone generally dies within the first chapter or two). But, wait until you see the Australian author in front of an audience! Sally is hilarious and shockingly honest as she talks about how being locked down in her Australian home with her family for two years influenced her recent novel “The Younger Wife,” what it’s like to be an executive producer on movies/TV series optioned from her books (including “The Mother-in-Law” which is being made into a thriller series by Amy Poehler) and why – despite all of her success – she still enjoys reading her 1 star book reviews. Also, find out what is the one thing you will never see Sally without.

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