Zoologist & Author Bill Schutt’s Newest Book “Pump: A Natural History of the Heart”

    Author, zoologist, and Research Associate at the American Museum of Natural History Bill Schutt has a conversation about his latest book “Pump: A Natural History of the Heart” with HEC Media’s Rod Milam.

    In his three part book, Shutt first discusses the physiology of the heart and pump structures of the whole animal kingdom, large and small, and how they’ve evolved over time. Next, he talks about how the human heart was studied and perceived in ancient times. And, finally, he dives into how past misconceptions of the heart and circulatory system have only recently been scientifically debunked and how the dismissal of old myths and practices is leading to greater possibilities of dealing with heart function and ailments of the future.

    Books available from Left Bank Bookshttps://www.left-bank.com/book/9781616208936.

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